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It’s all about the class in the Royal Enfield classic 350 model

Royal Enfield classic 350 is one of the popular premium segment motorbikes in India. Or we can either call it “king on the road” because of its royal class or look. There are many premium models in the market but classic is and will always be on the top of the chart.beacsue of its classic design and performance. This is also the number one selling premium bike model in India.

Here we are going to discuss the classic 350 model of Royal Enfield in detail:

The powerful engine

Royal Enfield classic 350 is being powered by the engine of a 346-cc, with a long-stroke unit. It is 4-stroke engine offers 19.8 Bhp-28 Nm, and it is also is paired with the 5-speed manual gearbox feature.

The model is best known for the relaxed thump, and the 346-cc engine has the hydraulic tappets, which also features the construction design unit.

The Classic350 offers the fuel capacity of around 13.5 litres and it weighs around 192kg. The mileage it claims is of 37Km/l. whereas the braking is managed by the 280mm front disc brake and for the rear is 230mm drum brake. The classic 350 offers the retro look which complements a lifestyle.

On the price front

Well on the price front it is not so very costly premium bike. The Royal Enfield classic 350 price starts from Rs 1.39 Lakh which goes all up to Rs 1.62 Lakh for its top-notch model. Whereas the Royal Enfield classic 350 price may vary as per your location.

Its classic design

The model has a stencilled number on its fuel tank, which is one of its unique and stylish features. You can also find a special logo on its tank as well. To maintain its royal look the powertrain, edge, and wheels are all done in full dark/ the brand has replaced the ammeter with the low fuel light and with the ABS light feature in this classic 350 model.

The classic 350 or the standard 350?


Well, both of these bikes are the most popular models of the Royal Enfield brand. Whereas the difference between the two:

  • On looks, both are quite similar looking classic offers the retro look and the standard still maintains its vintage look.
  • The classic 350 offers disc in front and drum brake at the rear. Whereas the standard has drum brakes at both ends.
  • The classic and standard 250 are having the same engine and all but whereas the classic offers better mileage than the standard 350.
  • Classic 350 is bit heavier than the standard model and on the price front, the standard 350 is available at a starting price of Rs. 128000 and the Royal Enfield classic 350 price starts from 139000.

With all these features as we have discussed, we can say that classic 350 is a little bit on the higher side than the standard 350 model.

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