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Green Driving Tips

Lets face it, gas stations are not dropping the price of gas any time soon. Instead they keep on increasing it, causing a problem for many average consumers. However, if you want the prices of gas to go down and increase fuel efficiency, you should start saving gas by limiting its usage. By limiting the usage of gas, you are also being environmentally friendly and not damaging the environment in any way.

You will not only be able to save the environment, you will also help the fueleconomy drop down and you will save moneyHere are a few green driving tips which you can and should follow:

  • It is common knowledge that the car needs gas or petrol to run on. It is like food for the car. However the more weight you put on a car, the more fuel it will use up. Which is why the gas mileage of many heavy cars such as SUVs or even some jeeps is bad. With extra load, your car and tires have to do double the amount of work to keep your car stable and working. This results in your car’s fuel efficiency being impacted negatively. Reduce the extra load in your car like any spare equipment or bicycles tied on the roof of the car. That way, your car will function smoothly.
  • Not only does the weight on your car affect the fuel efficiency, the tires do as well. People very easily and very often overlook the importance of tyres by not considering to be as important as engines or the interior of the car. However, remember that your car only functions and works properly because of the tires. Moreover, the weight on your car is being borne by the tires. Which is why tire maintenance is very crucial. Always keep your tire inflated but not under-inflated. Proper inflation reduces the friction of your tire with the road, avoiding the need for more energy/fuel.
  • Use low rolling resistance tires. These tires are very hard and have the least amount of friction, increasing fuel efficiency of your car. There are downsides to these tires however, they are great in improving your car’s fuel efficiency.

If you want to replace your tyres and get new ones to increase your car’s fuel efficiency, buy cooper tyres. These tyres are easily available at the Dubai Tyre Shop if you happen to reside in the UAE. For more information, click here now.

Fine Details from the Best Car Guide Now for You

The operation of the car in the winter differs from the summer. Advices to motorists on operation, and also on car care, will help to save a vehicle from harmful influence of weather factors. From Car guide 247 you will get all the information now.

Tips for using the car in winter

The most difficult period of car operation is winter. To survive the cold without loss, you need a thorough check (and if necessary, repair or replacement):

  • cooling and cooling system
  • generator belts
  • heating system
  • light signaling
  • rubber accessories of doors
  • windshield wipers and electrically heated mirrors and glasses;
  • headlights to grease locks

Car care for the winter is the timely washing and removal of ice and snow. To wash the car is desirable in the thaw period, and after visiting the car wash it is essential to thoroughly wipe the rubber seals. If in the morning the car is under a thick layer of snow, it can be cleaned with a brush and scraper. Ice scraping is not recommended, tk. this can damage the color of the car.

Vehicle Operation

The operation of the car battery in winter is complicated by the reduction of its actual capacity, and with a discharged battery the car is very problematic to start. When preparing for the winter, you need to find out the level and density of the electrolyte. If the battery is no longer charging to the maximum level, it is desirable to replace it.

Car operation

Inexperienced motorists in winter can face some problems, which can be solved by the advice of experienced drivers:

  • Do not leave the car on a handbrake – the pads will freeze
  • Change the driving style to a smoother one – this will help to avoid many problems on a slippery road
  • increase the distance with other cars
  • brake only the engine
  • at danger of slippage, start in the second gear
  • Before a pedestrian crossing, brake ahead
  • the most dangerous and slippery places – road markings, bridges and overpasses
  • lower speed is less than allowed
  • Do not make sharp maneuvers on the road

Vehicle Operation

Tips for using the car in summer

It is necessary to prepare the car not only for winter, but also for summer, when the heat is a particular danger for the systems. After the end of the cold, you need:

  • replace the rubber for summer
  • wash off the surface of auto sand and reagents for melting snow
  • replace wipers, oil and fuel filters
  • check the level of all liquids, replace or replenish if necessary
  • change the oil to heat
  • check the work of headlights, lamps, turn signals, spark plugs, generator belts
  • check the air conditioner and rinse it off the tube

To avoid overheating, park the car should only be in the shade, given that during the day it shifts. If possible, the windows should be covered with curtains or a reflective screen. Do not leave in the car dangerous if overheated items – lighters, gas cartridges, etc.

If the car has been warmed by the sun during the day, it should be ventilated and turn on the air conditioner, cooling the interior to 20-24 degrees. Do not leave children in the heat, animals and old people in the heat.
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